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About Us

L.A. SOAPS are high quality handcrafted cold processed soaps naturally made with the best ingredients which include olive oil, complex blends of floral scents and exfoliants just to name a few. Made with the finest food-grade ingredients purchased locally from family businesses by our distributor. Their formula is the result of many years of adjusting using the newest and best information available from the best soap-making chemist. We have sold these soaps at Farmers Markets to rave reviews and happy customers that continue to support us and have now made them available online due the growing demand.

We look forward to serving you and your desire to be a happier refreshed, and rejuvenated you Why not make the daily monotonous chore of hygiene a more joyful experience. These soaps are great to use especially if you have sensitive skin, and leave you feeling clean and your skin moisturized due to the olive oil that is infused into every bar. We have received so many compliments and feel honored that our customers are able to take away the amazing experience of smelling wonderful and feeling refreshed and revitalized.